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Why is it only “ALLEGED”?

September 12, 2007

I had planned a different introduction, but circumstances have changed my intentions.

From the Washington Post…

BIG CREEK, W.Va. — Inside a shed on a remote hillside of this
coalfield community, authorities say a young black woman was tortured
for days, sexually assaulted, beaten and forced to eat rat droppings. Her
captors, all of them white, choked her with a cable cord and stabbed
her in the leg while calling her a racial slur, poured hot water over
her and made her drink from a toilet, according to criminal complaints.

Note: According to radio and television news reports, the police are investigating whether or not this will be classified as a hate crime!

It’s official America.  It’s time to wake up!  Especially my African-American brothers and sisters.  When one of us can be kidnapped, "tortured for days, sexually assaulted, beaten and forced to eat rat droppings", and the people who are tasked to protect the citizenry of our communities can still suggest that it may not have been a hate crime, we need to wake up.  How can such things happen?  Because we as a black people have failed to hold in our collective conscious the fundamental impact that racism has had on this country.  This nation is and was built on the foundation of Plato’s idea of "distributive justice", i.e. social equity predicated on a belief in fundamental differences in human worth, and when that is your modus operandi, as it is in this country, it is simple to see why things like the kidnapping of the Megan Williams in West Virginia, the in-justice being perpetrated on the Jena 6 in Louisiana, the noose on the campus of the University of Maryland are marginalized.

The truth is, the authorities can call this tragedy an "alleged" or "possible" hate crime because minimizing the mis-treatment of people of color is as H. Rap Brown said "…as American as cherry pie."  Of course I know that Brown was talking about violence in general, but let’s get real specific.  The fact is there has never been proper value for African American life in the United States.  For example, the young black men in Jena are immediately charged with attempted murder, because a shoe was supposedly applied as a weapon against the white male – but Megan Williams is stabbed 4 times, tortured for days and all the 20 year old white male gets charged for is malicious wounding and sexual assault?!

Why is it still only "alleged"?  Because racism is institutional in America.  So for all of us who’ve been asleep on our posts, whose third eye has been blind, as Dap said at the end of Spike Lee’s "School Daze"

"Please.  Wake Up."

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  1. Kim permalink
    September 12, 2007 3:42 PM

    I agree with you. How can this not be a hate crime? The world is blind to the fact we are still in a society where we are basically still in slavery in my eyes. The police shoot us first and ask questions later Lower pay etc… etc…and Look at Jena6.
    Peace & Blessings Kim

  2. September 12, 2007 7:58 PM

    Your on point!

    “The kidnapping of the Megan Williams in West Virginia, the in-justice being perpetrated on the Jena 6 in Louisiana, the noose on the campus of the University of Maryland are marginalized.”

    Because we allow it! Thank you for standing up – Talking Loud and Saying Something!

    I wish more of us would.

  3. Brother Okra permalink
    September 12, 2007 8:27 PM


    JENA 6, The Rutgers basketball team, Michael Richard’s racist tirade, Paris Hilton’s racist mockeries (and continued adornment by blacks), The Duke Rape Case (What’s really going on there), Hurricane Katrina, Sean Bell, High levels of lead in DC drinking water, the Delaware State Students shot dead in Newark, etc…. This is a face-to-face reality check on the state of black powerlessness and the mis-use of the potential power that we have at our disposal. From here on out I do not want to hear anymore silly talk about ending the Iraq war from black folks until we have proven that we can stop the war against us right here in America. I’ve yet to hear or see an Iraqi let alone a single Arab speak out against any of these black racial assaults.

    Let’s organize some gun rallies and gun ownership drives to force the issue of self-protection and self defense. As historical victims of white hate tirades it behooves me that black education has never emphasized or placed any focus on self-defense. Robert Williams was largely ostracized from the black community by and large and certainly amongst the black elite for promoting the ideology of black self-justice. However, when many of those same blacks became victims of the KKK’s attacks they knew that Robert Williams was the safest person to turn to for safe refuge. Let us be mindful that Robert Williams is largely responsible for stopping the KKK night raids, not the police or the justice system.

    And please don’t trade in your burner for a book or any other garbage that the police offer. Black folk in America need books and guns!!! Hopefully our black engineers are developing future weapons!!!



  4. Brother Okra permalink
    September 12, 2007 8:47 PM


    One more thing:

    1. Enroll all your loved ones (including yourself) in a martial arts class. If you live in the Washington DC area:

    Afrikan Martial Arts Academy I

    Aikido Schools Of Ueshiba

    2. Visit and research your options.



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