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Presidential Candidates Say No to Tavis

September 14, 2007

"No one should be elected president of this country in 2008 if they
think that along the way they can ignore people of color," said Smiley,
host of radio and TV talk shows. "If you want to be president of all
America, you need to speak to all Americans."
            – Tavis Smiley, as reported by USA Today‘s, Mark Memmott and Jill Lawrence

John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, and Mitt Romneyso far.

All I have to say is – Can we stick a fork in this guys now?  There done.  Well they’ve been done for a while with me, but can the rest of the country please do the same? 

This has become a recurring theme with the GOP.  THEY DO NOT SHOW UP, unless the audience is overwhelmingly  white, the debate is sponsored by FOX, or the questions are tailored to their strengths.  I have only one question now – Where are the "Black" conservatives/republicans?  Where is Armstrong Williams?  Where is Larry Elder? I’d even listen to that Cheney apologist Ron Christie on this one!  How do you spin this Black conservatives.  How do we paint this as anything less than the marginalizing of our voter base (Black People)!  I’m sure you’ve got your talking points ready…but your silence is so loud I can’t hear you.

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