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Can This Tool Increase Your Traffic

September 17, 2007

I interrupt my regular writing to introduce you to a new widget you can add to your site, that could produce an increase in your traffic, and it’s completely free.

It’s called BlogRush, and it is produced by the internet marketing guru, John Reese.

BlogRush is like a traffic director. You put the widget on your blog and get a "credit" (which means a headline from your blog will be displayed on another person’s blog) each time it’s displayed. For each credit you generate, your blog articles are syndicated across other blogs that use the widget. Along with the obvious publicity for your blog (free syndication), there is a compound effect in the part of a ten level referral system, so if you refer others to BlogRush you  get credit for credits they generate – up to ten levels.

BlogRush is also relevant to your content.  Just a couple of clicks allows you to place a widget oriented for your blog’s specific interests.

It’s still the first few days of BlogRush’s release, so now is the perfect time to join and start earning credits to turn into traffic for your blog.


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