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Gulf Coast Hurricane Housing Recovery Act

September 19, 2007

The Gulf Coast Hurricane Housing Act of 2007 should be a pressure point used to gauge the sincerity of our Presidential candidates, in relation to the re-building efforts of New Orleans and other victimized areas of Louisiana since Katrina.  Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ legislation (H.R. 1227: Gulf Coast Hurricane Housing Recovery Act of 2007) is an indictment to every presidential candidate whose stump speech mentions New Orleans or Katrina. It’s an indictment to them because they’ve been silent on the bill.  Congresswoman Waters told Joe Madison – The Black Eagle during his talk show this morning that not one of the Senators running has moved it further calendar.

Kudos should go to Dennis Kucinich on this one.  He’s a solid "Aye" on H.R. 1227.

How long are our issues going to be "run up the flag pole" only to be side-barred when it’s time to deliver? 

This legislation does so much to cut through the red tape which is hindering the ability of the people to rebuild their homes.  With all the corruption and slog uncovered in this so called "re-building" effort!  What possible reason could there be candidates, if you support the people of New Orleans and Gulf Coast Louisiana to not support, for example:

  • the requiring of the state of Louisiana to report monthly to certain congressional committees regarding the Road Home Program,
  • prohibiting the Housing Authority of New Orleans from demolishing or disposing of any public
    housing dwelling unit, except
    pursuant to a replacement plan, etc.

The list goes on and on.  It’s unconscionable for any candidate to remain silent on H.R. 1227.  We need call, write and inundate the campaign websites of every siting Senator running for the Presidency, and demand that they either explain their opposition to the bill, or go on record in its favor.

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