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Bush: Race, Jena and Justice?

September 21, 2007

The following is an excerpt of President Bush’s September 20th Press Conference, as provided by the Washington Post:

QUESTION: Mr. President, thousands of people are marching today in
Jena, Louisiana, in a racially charged case involving some black
students — the beating of a white student. Also not far from the White
House recently there was a noose that was found hanging from a tree at
a college campus.

You have worked very hard to bring blacks and
Hispanics into your party, but the fallout from the immigration debate,
and even some Republican presidential candidates’ refusal to go to
debates at Univision as well as Morgan State, calls into question
whether or not the state of race relations is deteriorating in this
country, and specifically in your party.

QUESTION: Your thoughts?

My advice to whoever will be our nominee is to reach out to the
African-American community, as well as other communities. Because I
believe that we’ve got a very strong record when it comes to
empowerment, when it comes to education or homeownership or small-
business formation.

The events in Louisiana have saddened me.
And I understand the emotions. The Justice Department and the FBI are
monitoring the situation down there. And all of us in America want
there to be, you know, fairness when it comes to justice.

We’ve got a good record to run on. And my advice to our candidate would be to run on it.

QUESTION: Do you think this is a defining moment in race relations?

I know you’ve read over W’s statement a couple of times now, but let me assure you that your prescription glasses our still working, if you have them, and you don’t need Lasik if you aren’t wearing any.  He actual put the words "good" and "record" together to describe his parties record on equal justice; and even had the audacity to say they had a "strong record" on empowerment in the African American and Hispanic communities?  I have to wonder whether the President suffers from some clinical condition. 

When did the record become so strong?  At last inventory, I still counted:

  • thousands of homeowners displaced from New Orleans and their "right to return" uncertain;
  • I still read that upper income African Americans are more than twice as likely to receive higher cost loans than their lower income white counterparts; 
  • I still read that even though youth of all ethnic groups fall into the drug life at similar rates, African American youth represent 60-75% of the arrests;
  • I still count our recently resigned Attorney General as an absent minded incompetent, and
  • I still note that the head position in Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice remains vacant.

So Mr. President.  When did your parties record become so strong?  Please don’t tell me it’s because you defend us against "terrorism", because if that’s what you think I could ask what makes an "Islamic extremist" more of a terrorist than those "Christian extremists" that call themselves the Klu Klux Klan? But, forget that for a moment –  let me direct your attention to the history of La Salle Parrish.  Home of some of those "Americans" you think what justice for all. It was in La Salle Parrish that:

  • It was La Salle Parrish that re-elected a known segregationist (Speedy Long) 3 times to Congress in 1966, 68 and 70; and
  • it was La Salle Parrish that David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, received 75% of the vote during his run for Governor (yes, the same David Duke who just went over to Iran to deny the holocaust).

Now, tell me again about that "good" record  on justice you republicans can run on?

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