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Mychal Bell Denied Bail in Jena

September 21, 2007

From the USA Today:

JENA, La. — Bail was denied Friday for a black teenager whose arrest in
the beating of a white classmate led to this week’s huge civil rights
demonstration in the central Louisiana town of Jena, according to the
father of one of his co-defendants.

I should have been prepared for this.  But I wasn’t.  I admit, I got swept up in the spirit of solidarity and activated power of my people across the country, and I wasn’t ready for this news. But I should have been.

The adjudication of this case is criminal, and in my opinion has a criminal intention – that being the ruination of Mychal Bell’s life.  How could I have expected a fairness in a city that wanted David Duke for it’s Governor.  Impossible.  The next step is clear for us people.  We need to push the U.S. Attorney to take this case out of the jurisdiction of La Salle Parish.  Pull it!  Like a rug from under someones feet! The D.A. and the Judge involved in this case are insidious.  The case is replete with allegations of misconduct.  Family friends on the jury, felony charges on a black youth and no charges against the other fight participant (white)!

Well President Bush, here is your opportunity to show us how wanting the Republicans are for equality and justice, as you proclaimed during yesterdays ill timed press conference. 

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