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States Tell Dems: We’ll Vote When We Want

September 23, 2007

Both Florida and Michigan’s Democratic Parties plan on holding primaries before the DNC ordered Feb. 5 starting date, despite DNC threats of punishment.

See the entire story here: Associated Press

I applaud both state’s party heads for deciding to represent the people of their state, instead of the National leadership.  Florida’s state part chairwoman Karen Thurman should be seen like Gabriel, sounding his trumpet for all of us to take notice and respound:

"We make this election matter. Not the DNC, not the delegates, not the
candidates, but Florida Democrats like you and me voting together. We
make it count."

"We make is count!"  Do you hear those words people! We have got to make this coming election cycle count.  Get out and vote.  Don’t fall into the trick of apathy, deciding that your vote in the primary doesn’t matter.  Every vote matters.  Use it, use your voice – in many ways the only voice that will be heard, and demand your representative be the one running for the Presidency, or for the Senate if your Senate seat is up for the vote.  Let’s really establish grass roots power – and vote.

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