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Dealing With A Blind Press

September 24, 2007

In a lengthy report published by the Associated Press, writer Todd Lewan details the history of the Jena 6 case with what can only be described as slanted detail.  Mr. Lewan blatantly tries to cast aspersions on what we, the black community, have seen as a racial instigated, racially adjudicated case.  He has the audacity to claim that the "white tree" was not. Why, because the good people working at Jena High said so.  Pardon me Mr. Lewan, if I take your reporting on this topic for what it is: Blind reporting, by a blind member of the "free press."  If as Mr. Lewan suggests is true, why did the black youth feel it necessary to ask if they could sit under that tree?

The article is replete with foolishness, for example:

  • Lewan makes it sound like there is a difference between there being 2-nooses hung or 3;

Pardon me Mr. Lewan 1(one) noose is enough.

  • he references an unknown black teacher who says black and white students "were playing with them (the nooses), pulling on them, jump-swinging from them, and putting their heads through them,";

Do you really expect me to believe that black students in the deep south, in Louisiana, in the heart of kkk country were playing with their necks in the nooses?

The article continues on, replete with reflections on the case that any person of color and conscience would describe as condescending and cavalier.  However, I found this next one particularly unamusing.  It seems Mr. Lewan took the liberty to find a brother named "Tommy", (the cynicism could not be more poetic):

"Tommy Farris, 27, an oil driller, and his wife, Nikki, 29, a
registered nurse, concur — to a point. "Those boys should have
expelled," says Nikki, who is white. "It was no innocent prank. I think
those boys knew what they were starting by hanging those nooses from a

Tommy, who is black, agrees. But free the Jena Six?

not going to happen," he says, adding that he thinks the black
teenagers are being given a fair chance to defend themselves against
the charges."

All you need is the word "Uncle" and the poetic reference would be criminal. 

Please read the article for yourself: Locals Dispute Growing Story of Jena 6

We need to take careful notice of this, this is how many in the mainstream press, "white press", feel about our cries for equal justice – that they are without merit, warrant or truth; even in the plainest, most egregious ones like Jena. The truly sad thing is not the writer of this article’s cavalier attitude towards the feelings and convictions of millions of African Americans who characterize this as a hate crime – the truly sad part is how easily this hack got volunteers in our community to go along with him (if his references are verifiable).

That is black on black crime at its most heinous levels.


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