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Jena 6’s Bell Released on Bail

September 28, 2007

Mychal Bell has been released on $45,000 bail.   

CNN reports:

Mychal Bell, a black teenager accused of beating a white classmate
and who was the last of the "Jena 6" behind bars, was released from
custody Thursday after a juvenile court judge set his bail at $45,000.



Supporters surround Mychal Bell on Thursday after his release at the LaSalle Parish courthouse.

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release followed an announcement from LaSalle Parish District Attorney
Reed Walters, who said he would not appeal a higher court’s decision
moving Bell’s case to juvenile court.

Wearing a blue striped
golf shirt and jeans, Bell walked out of the LaSalle Parish courthouse
a week after an estimated 15,000-plus demonstrators marched through
Jena — a town of about 3,000 — to protest local authorities’ handling
of the teens’ case.

"We do not condone violence of any kind, but
we ask that people be given a fair and even chance at the bar of
justice," the Rev. Al Sharpton said outside the courthouse.

"Tonight, Mychal can go home, but Mychal is not out of the juvenile
process. He goes home because a lot of people left their home and stood
up for him," he said.

"Let America know — we are not fighting
for the right to fight in school. We’re not fighting for the right for
kids to beat each other. We’re fighting to say that there must be one
level of justice for everybody. And you cannot have adult attempted
murder for some, and a fine for others, and call that equal protection
under the law. Two wrongs don’t make one civil right."

Read the entire article here:

Now let’s hope that the judge slated to try Mychal in the juvenile court system takes into account the 9 months incarceration in an adult prison, and dismisses Mychal case with time served. 

Let us also hope that this momentum carries over to the other 5 members of the Jena 6.  Let’s celebrate this quickly, because we need to get after District Attorney Reed Walters. He deserves no less than the punishment of the DA in the Duke Lacrosse case – DISBARMENT and JAIL TIME. Just a quick read of his asinine comments during his press conference tell me he should not be practicing law:

"I firmly believe and am confident of the fact that had it not been
for the direct intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ last Thursday, a
disaster would have happened," Walters said.

"The Lord Jesus
Christ put his influence on those people, and they responded
accordingly," he said, without explaining exactly what he meant.

This man is a genuine bigot.  Are we to assume that he was not being overtly racist?  He might as well have put on his robes.

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