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Black Teen Arrested Over Cake

October 1, 2007

If you don’t know, Black people are catching hell in this country.  From Katrina to Jena, there is a building under-current of racism and injustice popping up across the nation. 

Today, Pleajhia Majors, a high school student in Palmdale, CA is unable to continue her education.  Why? Because she dropped a piece of her Birthday cake:

I’ve got only one thing to say about this.  Outrageous! This country is regressing.  This poor child has her wrist broken, her mother (Latricia  Majors) loses her job for demanding justice and is threatened if she files suit, and we live in the country which touts itself on promoting the ideals of a free "democratic" society. 

Let’s recap a few things going on, slow or no Katrina rebuilding in the black community, Jena 6 disgraceful injustice, Megan Williams abominable treatment (still not a hate crime yet), Nooses popping up everywhere (which I will discuss later), and now Pleajhia Majors gets abused and expelled for dropping a tray of cake!  The school district pulls her mothers employment…we’ve got a problem in this country and it can’t be explained away without racism being discussed.

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