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Justice “Judas” Thomas

October 2, 2007

If you saw 60 Minutes this past Sunday, you heard Justice Clarence Thomas tell CBS’ Steve Kroft he has been the subject of persecution because he was

"veering away from the black gospel that we ‘re supposed to adhere to."

Well now – it seems all we believers in the reality of racism have been caught in some sort of false religion, and brother Thomas is here to return us to the truth path.  Sounds a lot like what Judas had in mind for Christ.

I guess that’s why Thomas synchronized this interview with the release of his book.  He needed to make sure he got all 30 pieces of silver.

I sat dumb-founded as Thomas explained that his heated and lengthy conformation had nothing to do with him, but everything to do with abortion, oh, and because he was black and a conservative.  Obviously, Justice Thomas is under the delusion that he was the only "black conservative" in the country.  Sorry Larry, Armstrong, Amb. Keyes – you don’t measure up.  At least not to Judas, I mean Justice Thomas. 

The interview was interest, if only to cement my previously held opinion that Thomas was confused about the "black experience" in America.  As Kroft and Thomas spoke about his childhood and his reverential love for his grandfather, one could have been persuaded to empathize with Thomas.  Until he started discussing affirmative action.  For the life of me, I could not invent a person more deluded about the positive role of affirmative action, than the caricature that is Clarence Thomas.

It’s worth it, just to see and hear him describe his Yale Law Degree as "tainted", and not the same worth as a white person’s law degree. Why?  Because he was a recipient of affirmative action slots at the University.  What a sad man.  How can someone, who can successfully navigate through layers of legalese not understand what affirmative action did and didn’t do, as it pertains to their own personal success.  But since he doesn’t let’s detail them.  Affirmative action, Mr. Thomas, got you into the school, no doubt.  But it was just the door knob that was turned. Affirmative action doesn’t take your classes and pass your tests, and it certainly doesn’t take the Bar.

Thomas than makes the asinine assertion that his degree, correction, the fact that he was given affirmative action so that he could get his degree, was the reason he couldn’t find work.  This is where the self-denial comes in.  It’s the degree I received world, not the fact that I live in a society built on the foundation of racism/white-supremacy – not because opportunity was being withheld from me because of racists.  It was the tainted degree!  Well, Clarence, pass it to me – I wouldn’t mind a Yale credential. 

The sad thing is, affirmative action is the reason he has his job now.  Does he really think, or does he really expect us to believe the elder Bush put him on the bench because he "was the most qualified" for the job?  I guess that one (1) year of experience was a marathon.

I have a suggestion for Thomas.  Writing will not help you purge all your mental anguish, and self-hate.
Seek therapy – lots of it.

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  1. October 8, 2007 1:29 AM

    Oh! I saw that interview with his tired ass self-hating dialog!
    You think that interview was tripe? His book was an abomination! I read it because I had free access and am compelled to see just how he spins the life we watched him live. Now I don’t know if it can be said that any opportunity to read should be taken. I wrote a review of it for anyone who was curious, not a lot of takers to say the least! Good post…

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