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Terrorism Goes Unnoticed In America

October 2, 2007

This country is confused. It is apparent that unless a man of Arabic descent, a muslim or a country harboring/supporting "Islamic Extremists" is involved terrorism doesn’t exist.  At least to this countries Justice system.  However, if you haven’t noticed, there has been a rise in what I deem as terrorist activity in this country.  Observe:

Newsday –
Noose discovered in Hempstead police locker room

A noose was found hanging Friday morning in the men’s
locker room in the basement of the Hempstead Village police department, village police Chief Joseph Wing said.

Wing said he immediately summoned Nassau police detectives and
requested a forensic team as well as internal affairs investigators to
the scene. Wing said he also notified the district attorney’s office.

"It’s my intent if the evidence bears out to press for criminal and
administrative departmental charges, which could lead to dismissal,"
said Wing, who is of Asian and Italian descent. "I find this action
horrific and intolerable."

Chicago Tribune –
District unshaken by racial incident

A Warren Township High School student was charged with disorderly
conduct for making "racially charged" statements to two female
students, police said. The student drove into a campus parking lot with
a noose hanging from his rearview mirror and a Confederate flag
displayed in his vehicle, officials said.

Newsday –
Coast Guard commandant to speak about noose incidents

NEW LONDON, Conn. – The head of the U.S. Coast Guard plans
to visit Coast Guard Academy cadets next week to talk about
incidents in which nooses were left for a black cadet and an
officer conducting race relations training.

And of course we cannot forget Jena’s "White Tree".  It  appears that either the justice department has (under Pres. Bush)  forgotten the definition of terrorism, and hate crimes and adopted a minimized definition for it’s own political expediency.  But, let’s jog our memory.  Webster defines terrorism as:

"the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion"

I’m not old, but the idea of a noose hanging in a tree, in a police locker room, in a military facility gives me pause.  It alerts me to a threat.  It tells me to watch my back.  The noose is the African American’s swastika.  Yes, I compared the two.  I remember when I was a child, the impact that a painted swastika had on my community.  A mixed group of Blacks, Whites, Jews and Asians.  It was reported in our media as a hate crime, a symbol of terrorism.  It was spoken about in our schools (we had sensitivity assemblies).  It wasn’t tolerated.  But these nooses, the tool of so many of my peoples murder goes essentially unnoticed.  I don’t hear about these incidents on MSNBC!  I don’t see any outcry about these incidents on CNN!  What I get to hear about is Isaiah Thomas’ stupid comments, OJ Simpson, Michael Vick! The sensational.

How long will my terror be OK?  How long do segments of our population get a pass?  Read the articles.  Maybe I missed it, but I don’t see the pursuit of hate crimes – I don’t see representatives of the Federal Justice System moving to stigmatize these actions as Federal hate crimes or terrorist acts. 

Republicans, conservative blacks, where are you on this? You want us to sympathize and support the war on terror across the world, but you don’t touch your own guilt. 

I take it back, America isn’t confused – it’s Schizophrenic!


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