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Iraqi PM: Blackwater Shootings “Deliberate Murder”

October 7, 2007

Despite investigations by the FBI, U.S. State Department and Iraqi Government, as well as those always entertaining albeit less than decisive Congressional hearings – we may never truly know what happened in Baghdad’s Nisour Square September 16th. 

But thanks to the New York Times,  we do know one thing definitively, the Iraqi Prime Minister, or at least his office, considers the actions of Blackwater as "a deliberate crime against civilians”.

Let’s not rehearse the usual talking points, the mercenary talk, the pay talk – we’ve heard this talked about in triplicate.  I just want to talk about this countries moral compass.  It is amazing, to me at least, to hear the remaining Bush faithful defend this war – his war.  But it’s not there defense that galls me, it’s the moral superiority that oozes from them.  I’ll gag if I hear about how we are delivering democracy to Iraq.  Especially after this Blackwater deal.  All you need to know are these numbers 17 killed (civilian) and 27 injured (civilian)! Oh, I almost forgot – no charges levied on any of their mercenaries (I mean contractors) yet. 

That’s the hypocritical piece.  We’re delivering democracy to Iraq as if our system has some moral high ground.  But it’s the same broken system I see everyday.  A system with built in catches and escapes for those favored few.  In this case, the favored one is specifically Blackwater, but generally the American contractor in Iraq.  At this point the law in Iraq looks sort of like a foreign version of Jim Crow, but instead of whites being able to do nearly anything they want at the expense of black Americans with no retribution to fear, it’s America treating another people of color with slight of hand laws.  This time it’s another country being "offered" a share of the "American Way", but remember, you can’t complain about anything we do now that you’ve accepted America’s proposal.  We’ll kill your people, we’ll displace your family members, and will plunder your country, but you’ll be better off for it.

I think democracy at it’s best is beautiful, needed even, but when I see the injustice of a Blackwater perpetrated on the world by this United States, I feel like Muriel Rukeyser writes:

"We are a people tending toward democracy at the level of hope; on another level, the economy of the nation, the empire of business within the republic, both include in their basic premise the concept of perpetual warfare…But around and under and above it is another reality; like desert-water kept from the surface and the seed, like the old desert-answer needing its channels, the blessing of much work before it arrives to act and make flower.  This history is the history of possibility…All we can do is believe in the seed, living in that belief." – The Life of Poetry (1949)

That’s the reality of the American Democracy right now.  We’re still tending toward democracy, still hoping that this country will live up to it’s creeds.  Believe in the seed.

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  1. October 8, 2007 12:13 PM

    I fake moral superiority by the hypocrites who have no compassion for the slaughter of others; just so long as their own financial and economic goals are met, is disgusting.

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