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The “Appearance” of Evil?

October 8, 2007

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, thinks the US appears to be committing evil deeds. Specifically torturing terror suspects. Let me get this straight, reportedly our current modus operandi for sanctioned interrogation include: simulated drowning (water boarding), head slapping and exposure to extreme temperatures, and let’s not forget the atrocious behavior at Abu Ghraib.

I’m puzzled as to what else the Speaker needs to report more than an "appearance" of evil?  All the above sound and look like torture to me.

No one should believe anything Bush says anymore, so his vehement denial of our actions should be discounted. 

So what is it that we need to hear our congressional officials confess to this countries latest sins? Video? Maybe audio recordings of an actual torture session?

It is without a doubt that this administration and its miserable adjudication of a unnecessary war will send Pres. Bush’s legacy into the depths of infamy that few American leaders share.  Such as Nixon snd Hoover

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