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Megan Williams Case Update

October 10, 2007

Karen Burton, who is charged with kidnapping, first degree sexual
assault, malicious wounding, assault during the commission of a felony
and 13 counts of battery has finally been sent to the grand jury.

Newsday reports:

Alleged Torture Case Sent to Grand Jury
|Associated Press Writer

LOGAN, W.Va. – Charges against a sixth white suspect in the alleged
rape, assault and torture of a black woman were sent to the grand jury

Karen Burton, 46, is charged with kidnapping, first
degree sexual assault, malicious wounding, assault during the
commission of a felony and 13 counts of battery.

Logan County Magistrate Jeffrey Lane found probable cause to send the case against Burton to the grand jury.

Burton and five others are accused of holding 20-year-old Megan
Williams captive for days — sexually assaulting her, beating her and
forcing her to eat human and animal feces at a trailer surrounded by
litter in Big Creek.

Charges against the other suspects,
including kidnapping and first-degree sexual assault, are expected to
go before the grand jury in January. They are Bobby Brewster, 24; his
mother, Frankie Brewster, 49; Danny J. Combs, 20; Burton’s daughter,
Alisha Burton, 23; and George A. Messer, 27. Kidnapping carries a
possible life sentence in West Virginia. Sexual assault is a crime
punishable by up to 35 years in prison.

During Karen Burton’s
preliminary hearing, Logan County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeffrey Robinette
read Bobby Brewster’s statement in public for the first time. It said
Messer, Karen Burton and Alisha Burton beat Williams and forced her to
eat human feces from a toilet.

Bobby Brewster’s statement also
said that Karen Burton cut and pulled out Megan’s hair, choked her, cut
her ankle and forced her to perform oral sex on Frankie Brewster. His
statement noted repeated instances when the N-word was used during the
alleged attack.

Karen Burton’s statement "did not acknowledge her participation at all," Robinette said.   

An after hours call seeking comment to Karen Burton’s attorney, Betty Gregory, was not immediately returned.   

mother, Carmen Williams, attended the hearing but left crying during
the testimony. She later said she shares a bed with her daughter, who
wakes every night screaming and crying.

The Associated Press
generally does not identify suspected victims of sexual assault, but
Williams and her mother agreed to release her name. Carmen Williams
said she wanted people to know what her daughter had endured.

Williams, who still bears scars from her ordeal, stood silently
alongside her family and representatives of Black Lawyers for Justice,
a Washington-based advocacy group, at a news conference on the steps of
the Logan County Courthouse after the hearing. She did not attend the

Malik Shabazz, one of the group’s founders and a
legal adviser to Williams’ family, urged prosecutors to bring state and
federal hate crimes charges against those arrested.

"It is
obvious that this is one of the most sick, horrific, sadistic and evil
hate crimes that has ever occurred in U.S. history," he said.

Attorney Charles T. Miller has said he will not file civil rights
charges. Logan County Prosecutor Brian Abraham has said state hate
crime charges could be difficult to prove because Williams had a
"social relationship" with Bobby Brewster going back at least several

In July, Bobby Brewster was arrested by State Police and charged with assaulting Williams.

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Just a two notes on this report:

  1. Thanks to Newsday for reporting something. (The American "Mainstream" Media has been derelict in its duty in my opinion.  How can you call yourselves a journalist and not cover one of the most heinous human rights violations in this countries recent history, but at the same time fill every auxiliary minute of time with O.J and Michael Vick reports. You can’t!)
  2. STILL NO HATE CRIME CHARGES! (That is simply an insult to the black community of West Virginia, and to a greater extant the United States.  It is evident that the authorities in West Virginia do not want to spotlight their states dubious race relations for fear that greater probing of the state of West Virginia would follow. Disgraceful!)
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