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Yet Another Noose Found

October 10, 2007

It appears to me that there are members of this society who feel it is a joke to display nooses.  Yet another noose has been found, this time at Columbia University. 

Newsday reports:

A black professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College found a
hangman’s noose on her office door yesterday, an act that university
officials immediately condemned and reported to police.

"The Teachers College community and I deplore this hateful act, which
violates every Teachers College and societal norm," Susan Fuhrman,
president of the college, said in a statement.

Fuhrman added that she and Provost Tom James will conduct a community forum on the incident today on the Manhattan campus."

The professor who was targeted, faculty and students said, has
distinguished herself as a scholar in race relations. Neither police
nor the college identified the 44-year-old professor.

Read the whole story here:

I am now firmly of the mind that these incidents (5 that I count reported in the last few months) are an indication of a growing racial divide.

I am sure that their are a variety of factors involved in this, but I have to believe that a main reason is this countries continued and growing classism.  It is the belief in a "fundamental" difference in human worth, which is the building blocks of racism that allows people to believe that the hanging of a noose is a joke.

Let’s review some of the latest noose related incidents:

So how do we combat this problem. The momentum that the protest in Jena may have had seems to have stalled.  We’ve got to keep it going.  Where do we begin? Perhaps the first thing should be to question the lack of involvement by the Federal Justice Department in these incidents.

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