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BET Hip Hop Awards – A Mistake On Many Levels

October 15, 2007

First let me say I will not watch the broadcast of the BET Hip Hop Awards.  Not even if they offered me money to do so.  Why? Because they are just another aggrandizement of the worst media images of black people. That alone is enough for me not to be a viewer-participant in that circus, but to add more reason for me not to watch was the host, Katt Williams showing up to the Awards wearing a noose:

You can’t get more idiotic than this.  He could be trying to make a statement – I don’t know.  But couldn’t you do it with your words?  Your the host of the show, there is your platform.  Not this inane display of tasteless couture. 

The noose incidents popping up all across this nation are much like the cross burnings of the 50’s.  They are terror tactics, symbolic references to this countries tragically racist past.  And you wear one?! 

I didn’t think it could get worse than this, until I heard Warren Ballentine say that members of the Jena 6 were flown to the Awards as presenters and walked the red carpet!Jena6boys_2

Unbelievable!  It is no wonder, white people don’t take our outrage seriously.  When these boys (Carwin Jones and Bryant Purvis) are flown down to Atlanta and paraded around like rock stars it bastardizes our struggle for equal justice.  Why?  Because if they’re partying with Kanye West and Katt Williams at the BET Hip Hop Awards, how much trouble can they really be in!  That’s the perspective the white populace is going to have.  What’s more galling is the tasteless way this was done.  Mychal Bell, a fellow Jena 6 member, is still in jail.  His family is financially strapped because of the inequity of the justice system and BET shuttles these two over to ATL for a party. 

I’ve been hearing about the awakening of this generation.  I’ve been hearing that it’s ready to fight for it’s rights and put it’s hand to the struggle that those who have come before us left us to uphold.  But this isn’t the way it will get done.  We’ve come to a point when sacrifice is called for, and we need to start now.  Commit to the blackout on November 2 (, commit to the fight for justice in this country, and than commit to requiring higher standards of broadcasting from our media, because this shuck’n and jive’n BET puts out as a representation of what is black must be stopped. How can we demand more media attention from the white press, if you won’t demand better representation from what’s supposed to represent you?

You can’t!

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  1. October 15, 2007 10:04 PM

    When I saw Kat Williams, all I could was shake my head, then when I saw the 2 of the Jena 6 on the red carpet I went off. You can’t tell me their lawyers knew they were going to make an appearance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, and if they did know, they need ot fire their lawyers and get new ones. This is not a game, it is not a joke.

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