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Imus to Return in December

October 16, 2007

From Newsday:

Don Imus will end his radio exile of nearly eight months by returning
to the air on or about Dec. 3, filling the morning drive time slot on
WABC-AM, a person familiar with the plans said Monday.

Citadel Broadcasting, which owns ABC Radio, likely will announce a deal
with Imus by the end of the week. He is expected to bring with him most
or all of his cast from the "Imus in the Morning Show" that until April
12 was heard on WFAN and other stations around the nation. It was
cancelled by CBS Radio in the wake of what many considered racially and
sexually insensitive remarks directed at Rutgers’ women’s basketball

Bernard McGuirk, Imus’ controversial producer/writer/performer, is
expected to have a role on the show but it was not clear Monday night
precisely what it will be.

Read the story here:

Unbelievable – inconceivable – but expected. I expected Imus to show up again, I expected it, but I expected it to be the Howard Stern route;  Straight to satellite. But this is more than an insult.  This is a blatant disregard to the feelings of black America.  What was our outrage for people? What was it for?  If this station is allowed to incontestably return Imus to the airwaves after what amounts to a 6-month vacation with a $20 million dollar tip we should hang our collective heads in shame. 

If we’re going to get this country to repent from its practice of unequal justice, if we’re going to gain equity in education, business, etc. We have to make the points we do contend for stick.  Look at this mess! Even McGuirk, the instigator of the whole insulting episode will be returning!

Citadel Broadcasting has told us what they think of the opinion of black America.  They could care less.

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