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Craig Says He’s A Victim of Profiling

October 17, 2007

Hat tip: The Raw Story:

"I now know that this cop, this officer, is a profiler," Craig said.
"He said looking into a stall is part of it, and then a hand gesture or
a foot tap is part of it. Now I know all about profiling. I know what
people feel like when they’re profiled, when innocent people get caught
up in what I was caught in as an innocent person, it’s very angering at

Makes your jaw drop doesn’t it. 

For years black America has voiced its concerns about the use of profiling by various law enforcement agencies in this nation only to be rebuffed and marginalized. For this Senator to profess that he now knows "all about profiling" is ridiculous.  How can you expect boat to float?  Let’s re-visit what Craig is supposed to have done. 

  1. Peering into the stall next to him for 2 minutes (I don’t know about any of you all, but I don’t pan right or left into any stall when I’m in a public restroom.  Not even for a second.  I just don’t want any mis-interpretations to go on.  But 2 minutes.  Check the clock that is a significant period of time.)
  2. Reaching under the stall (According to Craig, he was picking up a piece of toilet paper.  Come on people.  Picking up some loose toilet paper off a public restroom floor?!  Not on your life!  Especially, if it looks like it might be in the adjoining stall!)
  3. Touching the foot of the person in the next stall with his foot (Craig says he likes to spread his legs, so his pants won’t fall down.  I’m sorry, that’s just unbelievable.  You’ve got to put a lot of effort into spreading your legs wide to get your foot under the stall divider far enough to touch the person next to you.)

That my friends is not a case to cry profiling, that is a guilty man trying to get off and in the process minimizing the true cases of profiling that go on in this countries cities and states.  Sen. Craig should be ashamed of himself, but moreover, so should NBC’s Today Show for entertaining him.  It’s a disgrace, this man who has reversed his plea can gain prime time in the mainstream media, but real profiling cases, cases of injustice like Jena, the Florida boot camp murder, the nooses popping up everywhere get less than a trifle.  It says something about the corporate medias sensitivity to the black audience.  It says we’re not important to them, it says we don’t count as much when we go missing, it says our lives are less of a loss when we die, it says a black man’s profession of innocence is not as believable as anothers.

I’m tired of what they’re saying.

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