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From Impotent Minority to Impotent Majority

October 23, 2007

Congress is failing us.

When we elected a new Congress in 2006, we expected the new Congressional leadership to stand up to the bully tactics of Dick Cheney and George Bush, to fight for the civil liberties being usurped, and restore order to a justice department that had fallen into decline. In short, we expected that new leadership to lead.  Instead they have wilted. They’ve allowed a revision of the Foreign Intelligence Service Act (FISA) giving new discretionary powers to the Attorney General to eavesdrop on American citizens without any real court or Congressional oversight; it is poised to confirm the appointment of a new Attorney General (Mukasey) who cannot decide whether water-boarding ( a definite tool of torture where the person being water-boarded is forced to simulate the sensation of drowning ) is  a form of torture; and are ignoring the hold being placed on the new FISA bill by Sen. Dodd, an effort mind you to stop the retro-active protection of companies who may have been complicit in spying on American citizens without court order.

If those things weren’t bad enough, the Democratically led Congress are moving ahead in the process to confirm Judge Leslie Southwick to the Federal bench, who as a Judge on the Mississippi State Court of Appeals who in an 1998 employment case, upheld
the reinstatement without punishment, of a white state
employee who was fired for calling an African American co-worker a
“good ole nigger.” The court’s decision essentially ratified a hearing
officer’s opinion that the slur was only “somewhat derogatory” and “was
in effect calling the individual a ‘teacher’s pet.”

(Note: The Mississippi
Supreme Court unanimously reversed the decision.)

Where is the leadership Democrats?  Sheep cannot protect us, sheep cannot advance the cause of liberty, and this list of Congressional mistakes leads me to believe that many of our representatives are just that, sheep, and I didn’t even mention the SCHIPP fiasco.  It’s time for congress to stop following the dictates of a ineffective President and lead.

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