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Southwick Confirmed by Senate

October 25, 2007

Yesterday, the Senate voted 62-35 to limit debate on the nomination
and then, cloture having been invoked, confirmed Southwick by a vote of
59-38. As regular Bakare Chronicle readers know, I believe that Mr. Southwick should never have been allowed a vote. His record in handling minority involved cases is abysmal, and further more, he has, in my humble opinion, been involved in acts of overt racism from the bench.

in an 1998 employment case, Judge Southwick upheld
the reinstatement without punishment, of a white state
employee who was fired for calling an African American co-worker a
“good ole nigger.” The court’s decision essentially ratified a hearing
officer’s opinion that the slur was only “somewhat derogatory” and “was
in effect calling the individual a ‘teacher’s pet.”

(Note: The Mississippi
Supreme Court unanimously reversed the decision.)

Yesterday’s vote to confirm Judge Southwick in my opinion will act as a further destabilizing force in the American justice system and will endanger the lives and liberty of American citizens.  His judicial temperament details a history of unfair punishment toward women, the environment, gender equality, civil rights and tells me that our congress is not serious about the cause of equal justice under the law.

The House and Senate should be ashamed of this action.

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