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AIDS Stopped in Haiti Before US – Really?

October 30, 2007

Yesterday evening, the local NBC affiliate reported that scientists now track the genetic history of HIV from Africa to Haiti and then to the US, and now US News & World Report has published an article which touts the finding as "definitive"; supposedly settling the debate on the history of HIV’s transmission.

Read the story here:

Really? Really?

Black people catch hell for everything in this world.

Today we’re being told that Africans along with Haitians were the instigators of the worst disease visited on man in the 20th Century. Pardon me if I reserve my hallelujah. Does anyone besides me feel a little uneasy about this breakthrough being stamped "definitive"?  It gives me the same feeling as Dr. Watson’s calling Europeans definitively smarter than Africans, and southern whites calling blacks soulless. 

It’s just strikes me as awfully convenient. Especially for people who do not identify themselves historically with Africa, to trace the direction of this deadly virus to a monkey originated, black incubated, black spread and black imported phenomenon.  If I recall correctly, there have been Europeans and other people venturing through Africa for generations, however, according to these formidable scientists, we are to forgo the possibility that one of these groups could have been the carrier of the disease to the West.

I’m no geneticist, nor am I a biologist.  But I need to see more studies done, more evidence captured, before I’ll sign on.

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