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Take It to The Streets

November 16, 2007

Today, I will participate in the March on the Justice Department.

The argument can be made that marching is a futile exercise, and that it does not effect the socio-political power structure, that is racism/white supremacy. However, the idea that marching is irrelevant in my opinion is a false assertion. 

In every fight, in every mass movement for equal access, justice, and I dare say self empowerment there must be a visible representation of the conglomerate group portrayed for the masses. 

  • In India, no changes in the social, political, or economic life of the Indian people were realized until there were masses rallying, marching in the face of an oppressive white, in that case British racist rule. 
  • In South Africa, no changes in the social. political, or economic life of the black Afrikan were realized until there were masses moved and the rest of the world engaged in the mass struggle of the people and mistreatment of its leadership.
  • In America, no changes in the social, political, or economic life of the
    Indian people were realized until there were masses rallying, marching
    in the face of American racism/white supremacy.

Marching, rallying and coming together in mass serves to galvanize oppressed peoples, and spurs them to further organize themselves for the struggle and battle involved in the fight for equal opportunity and justice.  It is by the gathering of the masses that we create a festering boil on the skin of injustice.

Have you ever seen a person suffering from skin boils? 

There confidence is gone, the shame of their affliction consumes them.  That is what marching does to governments – when it is continuous and unyielding.  It provides them an affliction almost leprous, and consumes them until they can remove the eye-sore.

So we must march until we’ve caused enough of a blight on their image that they come to the table to remove the eye-sore.  So I’m marching. I’m that break-out, I’m the evidence of their skin cancer.  And their is no kemo for me, not until they’ve changed and the stigma of racism/white supremacy has in the words of Bob Marley "been abandoned and totally destroyed".

When: Friday, November 16th
Where: United States Department of Justice (950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW)
Time: Noon to 2:00 PM

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  1. November 20, 2007 10:41 AM

    I am in agreement that marching does have its place.

    However, I don’t believe that marching should be the end point.

    The Japanese and Chinese are to of the most successful nations in the world because they did alot of hard work to acheive their goals.

    They organized their nations, got their population to save their wealth so they could collectively reinvest that money back into enterprises that made them powerful.

    They used that wealth to create factories so they could process their own gooods and other peoples goods to the world.

    Because they focused most of their energy, not on marching, but on doing the necessary hard work to make their nation powerful and feared by many (even the UNITED STATES)nobody would dare mess with them now.

    The only way to guarantee justice is to make people afraid to do anything to you.

    Most people don’t mess with people who are more powerful than them unless they’re crazy.

    People won’t pull anything on you if you have the power to prevent them.

    Check me out at

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