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No Christmas In New Orleans

December 24, 2007

From Democracy Now (December 21,2007)…

"The New Orleans City Council has unanimously voted to move ahead with
the demolition ofNeworleansprotest
4,500 units of public housing. Under the plan, the
city’s four largest public housing developments will be razed and
replaced with mixed-income housing. Hundreds of people were turned away
from the City Council meeting. Police shot protesters with pepper spray
and tasers."

It would appear that in New Orleans Christmas is a time to tell the poor to MOVE. The overwhelmingly obvious is that since Katrina, the local governance of New Orleans, LA. has been on a mission to change the face of the city.  A city with a deeply "black" feel and look.  In this new development the New Orleans City Council having no representative of color on the Council voted unanimously to demolish the homes of some 4,000+ low-income individuals and families, of which the disproportionate number are black. The assumption of the Council is that by bull-dozing these homes and replacing them with mixed-income housing will increase the living situation for all. 

The problem as I see it is plainly, the reason that many of these families and individuals have been living in public housing, is a lack of employment paying a living wage. I have no doubt that once the Council ram-rods their agenda through, and they will, the majority of the people who lived in the public housing developments will be displaced, either through section-8 designation or being formally deemed unable to afford the new areas developed.  Which sounds to me like the Council is saying "The country might take in the poor and the huddled masses, but they can’t live in New Orleans."

Merry Christmas New Orleans from your City Council!

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