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The Power of Wright

April 28, 2008

If you did not watch the interview of Jeremiah Wright by Bill Moyer last Friday.  You missed an opportunity, and from the nature of the media’s continued exploitation of the Rev. Wright, at the expense of Sen. Barack Obama – most of the media news organization missed the opportunity as well.

No.  That was an incorrect judgment.  The proper analysis leaves one to believe that the media disregarded what the heard during the conversation with Rev. Wright on Friday, in favor of what creates the most controversy. But, though the media wishes us to eat it’s brand of who Rev. Wright is, truth does not support them.  The power of Rev. Wright is just that.  It is an unvarnished reality check to a country which frequently seeks to establish it’s own reality – at the expense I might add of the truth. 

We are told by the media that the Reverend is a purveyor of "hate speech", that he is a "nut", that he is a "conspiracy theorist" – but then we see the reality of a justice system that refuses to see the equality of all men in NY.  How are we to balance the scales.  We are supposed to believe in the 4th agency of the American Democracy.  The "free" press.  Unfortunately, there is no "free" press anymore.  There is no press that seeks to speak the truth to and of power anymore.  There is no press (at least not mainstream) that does not project by its own work a pervasive agenda. No, but the power of Wright is enormous. It once again ripped the scab off the ugliness of America’s bigotry and stereotypes. 

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