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The Silence on Sean Bell is Deafening

April 28, 2008

What is the problem with our so called journalists today? 

A man is shot at 51 times, one officer fires 31 shots himself on a public street, resulting in the murder of an unarmed man and the judge on the case refuses to hold the officers accountable for the simplest misdemeanor (reckless Endangerment)  – and all I here about is whether Rev. Wright is divisive.  It’s a disgrace.

There is not one News Talk personality who should not be ashamed of themselves today.  The level of insensitivity needed to gloss over this egregious miscarriage of justice is criminal. But I have become accustomed to media insensitivity and quietness to injustice in this country.  However, I must point out that the Senator from New York (Hillary Rodham Clinton) has yet to speak on this issue.  Now that is amazing.

Here is the Senator of the state, running for the highest ranking office in the land and you don’t have the foresight to see that your silence is a slap in the face of the very people you will rely on to gain the office you desire.  It speaks to a disconnection to the same black issues, that many claim you are on the right side of.  But does anyone call the Senator out on this?  No. Why?  Is it too black an issue.  Yes.  I am under no delusion here, if that was a white man who was killed by the NYPD, the officers would have been prepped for the electric chair last week! 

Black people we need to understand that if we do not vote our interests first, before the interests of any party we will become an extinct voter group!

I’d like to ask the Judge, who signed his pay check this time?  Because somebody got there monies worth, and it wasn’t the people!

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