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A Sign of McCain’s Judgment

August 29, 2008

"If John McCain wants to have a debate about who has the temperament,
and judgment, to serve as the next Commander-in-Chief, that’s a debate
I’m ready to have."
                                                                 – Democratic Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama

As a sign of John McCain’s vast judgment (and I am speaking facetiously), Sarah Palin – the Governor of the state of Alaska has been tapped as the Republican Vice Presidential nominee.

Well, we can now draw some conclusions as to the kind of political discourse we are going to be assaulted with during this general election. None other than repeat performances of the 2000 and 2004 identity driven politics of the Karl Rove mastermind Bush campaigns. Sarah Palin is an unquestionable ideologue. On the issue of women’s choice, on protection of the environment, on energy policy, on the Supreme Court and right down the proverbial line of demarcation – her stances are not based on pragmatism and reason, but ideology.

Make no mistake, McCain has decided.  He has decided not to take Barack Obama up on his challenge. He will not raise the level of our political discourse to one based on principled and honest policy difference, but will most certainly visit upon the American people another Rovian ideological salvo. A decision that defies logic, because this election has seen self-identified Republicans go the way of the dinosaurs and Democratic registration soaring. Independents, I hope your taking notice. THIS IS NOT A MOVE TO THE CENTER.  This is not an embrace of an Independent political view point. This is a grasp for a dying RED base, with a hope that the Religious Right will come to Mac’s rescue. In other words if I may paraphrase the words of Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey,

"That’s not a maverick, that’s a side-kick!"

But something else just happened with this pick as well.  McCain has clearly abandoned the "Experience" attack line. Pour the dirt on them, there buried and gone.  Whatever benefit they had has been robbed of their strength.  Palin is less experienced than Obama, and every other name on the vetting list. John McCain has in this one decision shut the door on the most used of the rhetorical arguments against Barack Obama’s candidacy.

All I can say is thank you Mac.  Thank you.

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