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What We’ve Learned about the Maverick

September 2, 2008

We've apparently been victims of a false advertising, or perhaps a great hoax.  The American people were lead to believe that John McCain is an iconoclastic figure – one who will stand firm against the forces of the unprincipled or the dogmatic, whether they be Democrat or Republican, evangelical or atheist, Sunni or Shiite (when he can tell the difference) – we were hoodwinked. 

The straight-talking, country-first image John McCain's campaign has tried to portray has been betrayed by the real McCain, who appears to wield ridiculous levels of recklessness. According to McCain, the only criteria for picking a VP is that the person be able to step into place should the need arise.  His fundamental reasoning for calling himself the best candidate for the presidency – he will PROTECT us. He will protect us with the wealth of judgment that years of experience has provided him with, however, that judgment I believe should come under alarmed scrutiny. Why?  Because if John McCain is right, and the greatest threats to our nation are Islamic Jihad, and the resurgence of the Russian aggressor – exactly where is that "wealth" of judgment in picking Gov. Palin as your (if the worst happens) fall back candidate?

Woops, I forgot, she's been the Commander and Chief of the Alaskan National Guard.

The non-political politician's motives are easily discerned, and contrary to the spin of the Republican media and operatives, not based on her overwhelming strength as a candidate.  There is a definitely more cynical view point at work in this selection.  Palin cannot be called the most experienced in international policy – come on, she just got her passport yesterday. I kid of course, but not that much. There is evidence that she does not echo (or at least has not echoed) his stances on earmark projects, as new records of her relationships with lobbyists during her time as the Mayor of the densely populated (pop. 6700) town of Wasilla, AK; she appears to have been for the "Bridge to Nowhere" before she was against it; she is admittedly weak on the issue of the Iraq/Afghanistan (in that, she's not unlike John McCain who knows little to nothing (self-admittedly) about the economy); she completely in lock-step with those who McCain formerly called the "agents of intolerance".

If that's not cynical enough for you, the Governors under investigation for unethical use of her office.  Maybe John has forgotten the kind of raw-deal the American people have been handed by the Bush-Cheney brand of "Compassionate Conservatism" – but I haven't, and I'm banking that you haven't either.

So what have we learned about the Maverick boy's and girl's? Let's see

  1. He's willing to make the first important decision of his possible Presidency a politically expedient one;
  2. His actual feelings about the relevance of a persons experience to the Presidency are greatly over-stated;
  3. He's willing to (much like Bush) make decisions without the prerequisite deliberative process (reminds you of Bush's oft quoted statement to members of his White House, "I will not filibuster with myself.");
  4. He throws caution to the wind.

Apparently a McCain Presidency would see an even more reckless and thoughtless leader at the helm.  One who is more than willing to shoot first and ask whether he should be shooting later. One which will most certainly will not be "for the people" but against them.

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