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First Take: The GOP Convention

September 3, 2008

Overture…dim the lights…this is it the night of nights, etc. etc. etc

Well, that was fun, I guess. On the first night of the GOP's convention we learned that John McCain was a "maverick", a "rebel" a "patriot" – and especially a POW. We were confirmed in our belief that issues have no place in this GOP.  There was no extended conversation about the issues that are effecting American's the most.  What we got, and we were dished a lot of it, was personality politics 101.  So we can conclude a few things, I think, from the political theater put on by our conservative brethren:

  1. YOU CAN COUNT THE NUMBER OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN AND LATINO-AMERICAN DELEGATES ON ONE HAND. If you watched, however long you watched, the convention coverage of day one, you saw a stark contrast in the level of diversity between the Democrats and the Republicans.  Even the most cursory viewing shows the GOP has a lack of appeal to minorities. I would suggest that we saw the least diverse party since the beginning of Reagan's run.
  2. GEORGE BUSH MUST BE CONSIDERED A PARIAH TO HIS PARTY. I cannot recall the last time a sitting President did not come to his party's convention. As a matter of fact, where was Dick Cheney? He's completely unseen. 
  3. THE REPUBLICANS DON'T LIKE THE TASTE OF THEIR RECORD. Apparently, we need to forget the aberration that was the Bush/Cheney White House, and harken back to yesteryear – the Golden days of Roosevelt and Reagan.
  4. JOHN McCAIN'S CHARACTER IS THE MAIN REASON TO CAST YOUR VOTE. According to the Republicans McCain's character is the best reason to vote him into the Oval office.  Not his ability to legislate or govern, not his understanding of the world (though that was his original talking point), it's his strength of character. It's his moral fiber – it's his resolve – it sounds like we're talking about George Bush in 2000!

All in all, pretty weak. And I haven't even gotten to Joe Lieberman yet, but let's do so.  Joe Lieberman can now be justifiably described as the "Benedict Arnold" of the 21st Century.  I could only wonder how the wonderful Connecticut voters felt about their Independent/Democratic leaning Senator now?

His performance can be boiled down to three words, ridiculous, false and uneffective.

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