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Elitism is an Elephant

September 4, 2008

I've been
stewing.  I've been cooking slowly over an open flame after listening to
the tandem of Giuliani and Palin throw their hateful retorts towards Barack
Obama.  I sat in my living room and came
to a perfect boil watching John McCain's attack squad of negative politicians
drone on as they mislead the American people about Barack Obama and Joe Biden
experience and attacked the grass-roots community that supports them…I succumbed
to my rage – not because they attacked my candidate – not because they attacked
the positions of my party (because, I found no positions outlined), I was
enraged because the Republicans derided the idea that ordinary citizens have a
role to play in the political process.

I was
enraged because they insulted us.

Both Rudy
Giuliani and Gov. Palin made it a point to mock Barack Obama’s experience as a
community organizer in Chicago, where he provided HOPE to American workers who
had lost their jobs as the steel plants of Illinois closed down.  Disgraceful. It’s apparent that Republicans
don’t know the history of this country (especially the recent history), or they
would not have laughed with such hilarity at the disparaging way Giuliani and
Palin spoke of the role of community organization.  But, let me help them understand the
RESPONSIBILITY involved in community organization.  

Community organizing is the way in which people are
brought together to act in common self-interest.

the history of this country, ordinary people – ordinary Americans have forced
their Federal and local government to uphold the truths that the writers of the
Constitution called “self-evident”. Community organization less we forget is
the foundation of such movements as women’s suffrage, the civil rights
movement, and the labor rights movement that produced the unions of today.  

None of
these things would have been possible without the community organizer.

But we must
understand that the position of the community organizer is diametrically
opposed to that of the GOP.  It requires
a repudiation of the idea of distributive justice – social equity predicated on
a belief in fundamental differences in human worth, essentially a belief that God
has ordained a difference in worth between the “rich” and the “poor”, the “haves”
and the “have nots”. This is the modus operandi of the GOP – uphold the
ridiculous notion of “trickle down” economics – maintain the status quo,
meanwhile we are to forget about the past 8 years (6 years of which were held
in all levels of our government by Republicans) of job loss, home foreclosure
and war.

The symbol
of elitism has just become an Elephant!

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