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Through the Looking Glass with John McCain

September 5, 2008

Apparently the Republican Party live in a different country or Wonderland, or exist at some level of functional insanity, because after watching John McCain deliver his acceptance speech at the Xcel Energy Center, I felt like I had just interviewed a group of schizophrenics. To quote Joe Biden today:

"it's not so much of what I heard in the Republican convention. When you
heard John speak last night.  It's not so much what I heard, when I
heard part of what the Governor had to say, the vice presidential
candidate.  It's what I didn't hear."

I was waiting to hear something substantive from John McCain, I was waiting to see him detail the "hows" that would make up the "why" he was better than Barack Obama for this country. Zero. What I did get  a full dose of was the Republican brand of "Bait and Switch".  I ask you, did it not perplex you – the dichotomy.  On one day we are dished a big bowl of ideology, the Sarah Palin variety, and then the next we're greeted with a nearly hour long diatribe by "honest" John the champion of bipartisanship.  I ask you, how stupid do they think we are.

Are they truely under the impression that issues don't matter? Can they truly believe that we are buying this "Republican's are out for the little guy" message we heard from John McCain? 

Take a bite of the mushroom Alice.


Well, I'm not letting them off that easy.


The ones who chastised Barack Obama for being a, heaven forbid, community organizer – the ones who attacked Obama and Biden on peronal levels without an ounce of truth to them – the ones who have decided that a woman's right to choose is a SIN, regardless of the circumstances – the ones who can question every level of Barack Obama's experience, but cry foul everytime you question Sarah Palin's experience under the ruse of sexism. The party of BIG OIL – BIG WARS – BIG DEFICITS – BIG JOB LOSS – BIG HOME LOSS – BIG LIES!

That is the Republican party of YESTERDAY! that is the Republican party of TODAY!

McCain is like the character Two-Face in the Batman stories.  Flip the coin, and see what you get.

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