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This “Pig” Won’t Fly

September 10, 2008

Throughout this Presidential campaign, Barack Obama has endeavored to remain on the high road of rhetoric, and in my opinion, remains there.  However, I applaud his new willingness to take it to the McCain campaign.  His willingness to "FIGHT" for the office, has buoyed him, especially now that the MSM has abdicated its responsibility to find and report what is true and relevant. 

Frankly, I feel that our media has been co-opted by the GOP. 

I feel this way, in the light of the newest and most imbecilic of topics now being discussed by the "talking heads" – Lipstick Gate!  How long will the media allow themselves to be props in the McCain campaigns' ubiquitous  "victimization" strategy? Perhaps they've taken as directive Rick Davis' plea for them to  "demonstrate deference" to the nationally unknown Governor of Alaska. I was wavering between revulsion and irritation yesterday, as I watched program after program lift the well known colloquialism from what it was (a rebuke on John McCain's attempt to re-invent his stance on "change"), to a sexist attack.

Kudos should go, however, to Mark Halperin who finally called a spade a spade on CNN's AC360 last night, and I quote:

"It's an expression.  And this is a victory for the McCain campaign in the sense that every day they can make this a pig fight in the mud.  It's good for them because it's reducing Barack Obama's message even more. But I think this is a low point in the day and one of the low days of our collective coverage of this campaign. To spend even a minute on this expression, I think, is amazing and outrageous."

Bravo Mark, Bravo!

The media again decided on the morning lineup today, to drum up false outrage over this statement today. This must end.  The media has obviously failed to learn from their failures of the last 8 years – they were complacent and complicit as we were marched into war falsely, and it looks like they are trying their best to do the same thing during this general election.

Again, I quote Mark Halperin:

"I'm not saying the press should be out to get John McCain and
Sarah Palin. But if a core part of their message is something that
every journalist — journalism organization in the country has looked
at and says it's demonstrably false, again, we're not doing our jobs if
we just treat this as one of many things that's happening."

MSM. Take a note from your colleague.  GET TO WORK!

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