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Deja vu

September 11, 2008

Gonzo! Gonzo! Gonzo! All over again.

The "reformer", Sarah Palin, in her best efforts to take on the persons of George W. Bush, has taken it to a new level.  She (by way of her Administration) have decided to possibly block the subpoenas of the Alaska Legislature.

Can you say "Obstruction of Justice" boys and girls?

Could it be, the McCain campaign has failed to learn the lessons taught by those long months of Congressional hearings (or should I say the exercises in judicial obstruction) played out by the Congress and the Bush Administration, coincidentally waged over the firing of government employees? Does she not have the judgment to understand the parallels inherent in such a gambit? Apparently not, because whether she is or not in some way guilty of unethical behavior or not, today she looks guilty.

What happened to the Governors bravado?  Did she not tell the American people, "I welcome this investigation"? Was she not the one who said "I have nothing to hide"?

This is not the change that Americans need – the reforms we seek.  We want a country that respects the Rule of Law as a vital institution of our Democracy.  We need transparency in our government and in the practices of our public servants – not a return to deflect and evade politics. Which, sadly, Sara Barracuda seems well apt.  She has hidden emails – like the Bush White House  – her staff is evading subpoena like Gonzo and the entire Bush legal and administrative staff has done (time and time again, I might add).  And the list seems to go on and on, daily, with the obvious reason being to kick the can down the line until after November 4th. 

McCain and Palin – MORE OF THE SAME!

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