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Welcome to the Twilight Zone

September 11, 2008

Where is Rod Serling?

We have definitely entered the Twilight Zone.

The past ten days have been nearly surreal (and utterly stupid).  Instead of the post-convention buzz being filled with a full-throated and engaging debate on the "grave" and numerous issues faced by the American people – we have been beaten over the head with the media's obsessions with Sarah Palin or lipstick on a pig, and a constant crying of "wolf" (in the name of sexism) by the McCain campaign.

Not exactly the "politics of civility" that was asked for, by someone who bore an uncanny resemblance to John McCain.

Of course, for all of us truly concerned about the condition of these United States – we have been left to wonder when the politics of cynicism will end and the serious and substantive discourse will begin. Frankly, I am tired of these ridiculous and phony antics being sold as news, and I've been wondering how we got here. When and why did we walk through the looking glass? It certainly wasn't the great and soought after candidacy of Sarah Palin or Barack Obama's campaigning mistakes, as some would lead us to believe.

We've been "down by this riverside" (if I may borrow the old Baptist cliche') by none other than John S. McCain, and his campaign staff of Rove disciples.

The impression that McCain has always given, is that he was above the politics of his part, and consummately focused on the country's well being, or as the GOP would like us to believe, it's always "country first". We have obviously been hoodwinked or the John McCain we're watching these days is a member of the "pod people". It's the only way to explain the alacrity in which he and his campaign has descended into the deplorable.  Let us re-cap his descent:

  • He chooses the ideologue Sarah Palin as his running mate;
  • he allows his campaign to categorize every effort to vett Gov. Palin as sexism;
  • he chooses to hold a GOP convention based on identity politics and fear;
  • and last, but not nearly least, John McCain, none other than the first victim of "swift boating" sanctions "swift boat" ads.

It's as if he made a pilgrimage to Shangra La to learn from Yogi Karl.

I've changed my mind, we're not in the Twilight Zone – were on Bizarro World. 

No wonder everything is cross-eyed.

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