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Message Wars

September 12, 2008

In the grand old 80s – when Republicans had Reagan to look to for their leadership – they campaigned on things like ideas, conservative programs and values.  Their current headliner, John S. McCain has, apparently no plan, no vision, and no values to speak of.  Today, after a 24 hour hiatus from his campaigns focus on politics by cynicism, he has again sanctioned another attack ad.  it's focus – not the economy, not education, or even Iraq.  It's focus is the fictional victim hood of Sarah Palin.

Every day now, the McCain campaign proves its' inability to enunciate a concrete path to success for this country with its message being focused like a laser-beam on a proving that Sarah Palin is deserving of pity.

Make no mistake. We are being "dumbed down".  It is exactly what went on during the election cycles of 2000 and 2004.  The political discourse is reduced to non sequitor topics and out right lies. Will the American people ever stop acting like "lambs" being lead to the slaughter?  You hear from the MSM that Obama has lost the message wars – but what message is being contrasted? I'll tell you what the message he doesn't control is.  The "ratings" message. 

The MSM has a self-serving interest in the continuation of this inane personality fight, to the detriment of us all.  Pundits like Joe Scarborough know that McCain's campaign has no real interest in talking to the American people on a serious level – they know the only times Obama has been in a real election battle is when they have trumped up the imbecilic charges of his opponents, and that's what provide them their audience – and more importantly their audiences loyal viewer ship.

Now the question is.  "How do they get back on message?"

I'll tell you how MSM.  You pass up the sensationalism for journalism. If you have any integrity left.

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