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What We KNOW

September 14, 2008

We KNOW Sarah Palin is not ready.

After watching her interview with Charlie Gibson (live and online), and the almost cult like attention she has received in the MSM since her nomination, I've become disenchanted by the possible state of the American electorate.  It would seem to many that electing a President and Vice President is the same as picking the next winner of "So you think you can dance."

I've got news for some of our fellow citizens – the process is not the same.

When picking the next holders of the MOST POWERFUL positions in western society, usually, it would behove one to know the positions of those individuals on the most significant issues of the day.  Things like, oh, there stance on "PREIMPTIVE WAR". Otherwise known as the "Bush Doctrine".  This is not so during this presidential election – we cannot seek such answers.  Because Sarah Palin doesn't know (wink, nod) that the Bush doctrine is a right which assumes that we have the right to attack another nation if they stare at us the wrong way!

People.  My twelve year old knows what the Bush doctrine means.

Are we really expected to believe that Gov. Sarah Palin, Vice Presidential nominee for the REP ticket is unaware of this?  According to the eternal spin-machine of political strategist who frequent our news outlets, many citizens don't know what the Bush doctrine is; or put another way – there are a whole lot of people who don't read in this country.

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