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McCain’s Economy Just Doesn’t Exist

September 15, 2008


Presidential candidate JOHN McCAIN thinks the American Economy is (STILL) strong.



I'd thank Sen. McCain for giving us all this early Christmas present, if I wasn't so dumb-founded by his apparent detachment from reality.  A reality that continues to repudiate his views, what with the continuing foreclosure crisis, the failure of financial institutions and an ever growing job crisis.  But, although McCain's assertion that the economy is "fundamentally strong" is troubling (if not a cause to truly fear his winning the White House), his follow on comments are even the more ridiculous:

"I promise you we will never put America in this position again,"
McCain said.  "This is a failure. We’ve got take every action to build
an environment of robust energy supplies, lower inflation, control
health care costs, access to international markets, low taxes and
reduce burden of government to allow people to move forward toward a
future of prosperity. The McCain Palin administration will replace the
outdated patchwork quilt of regulatory oversight and bring transparency
and accountability to Wall Street, we will bring transparency and
accountability and we will reform the regulatory bodies of government."

Note if you would this portion of that quote: "I promise you we will never put America in this position again". Or put another way, "We didn't mean to break the piggy bank Ma.  Give us another chance, pleeease. Here, let me hold your purse this time."

With this straight forward, and down-right blunt confession of mis-management, John McCain made the best case against the 44th President of the United States being a Republican.  The status quo is going to be set in play, as usual. It was under the de-regulators watch that this financial crisis has occurred – it has been with John McCain's non-reform minded, Republican lead government that the single largest asset of most Americans (their homes) have seen the greatest levels of depreciation since the 1920's – it was the non-transparent and tax-cutting (for the top 5%) Bush administration (who by the way, supports the same philosophy as McCain) that has brought us to the state we find ourselves in today!  And John McCain 's only retort is to promise not to do it again. What dimension is his economy in? Most people I know don't have 9 houses to fall back on, they only have the one (if that).  Most people I know, aren't among the few who hold PRIME stock positions in companies like Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch, there not going to see any bail outs.  Most people I know can't absorb 4 more years of Bush-esque fiscal management. 

Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us, fool us three times and we need our heads examined.

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