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Calling an Audible

September 25, 2008

Something is happening to the GOP.  Before our very eyes, they as a
group our retreating into their shells.  The latest "trick" play which
John McCain has pulled out of his hat (Suspending his campaign) is
nothing less than fear.  That's right fear. A fear of leadership.  How
can we take seriously a candidate who thinks speaking to the American
voters on the issues of most import is a "distracts" from stabilizing
the economy.  Does he not know that the economy rises and falls as the
level of confidence in the market goes?  Of course he does.  That's why
this was a clearly political move.

Yes, I said political.

Exactly what will John McCain's presence do for these negotiations? He
is not "beloved" by his Republican constituency,  and  he has no, I
repeat  "NO"  stance in the Banking or Finance committees. Therefore,
he will be a Senator (not to mention candidate for the Presidency)
devoid of any real responsibility, looking for photo ops in Washington,

We should not forget, that less than a week ago, Mr. McCain declared
the fundamentals of our economy "sound". What has happened between then
and now to change his mind.  I immediately gravitate to his poll
numbers. Just today we see polls favoring Obama to McCain in Republican states like North Carolina, Virginia and Colorado.  While Democratic States like Michigan and Pennsylvania are coming back into the fold.

That my friends is not a good sign for John S. McCain. 

The question is, will he get away with this obvious audible.  Will the "meeting" that President Bush conveniently called be enough cover to hide the political maneuvers John McCain has concocted.  Or will it blow up in his face.  The answer could come as quickly as Friday's debate.

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