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McCain Loses First Debate by Decision

September 27, 2008

There was no knock-out.  Barack Obama did not come into Ole' Miss and eviscerate John McCain (like I would have liked).  But he did win the debate. McCain, in this observers eyes came off as dis-honest and backward instead of forward thinking. He tripled (gosh, at this point quadrupled) the interest on the universally established lie claiming that Barack Obama has voted to increase taxes on people making as little as $42,000. A flat lie. He never evoked the message of change only once (the reformer that he isn't). He not once mentioned  the word MIDDLE CLASS. He repeatedly disavowed his consultant, Henry Kissinger's, actual words as reported by ABC News:

"Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger today told an audience in
Washington, DC that the U.S. should negotiate with Iran "without
conditions" and that the next President should begin such negotiations
at a high level."

And, very stubbornly, McCain in a completely backward view, refuses to acknowledge that Iraq is not the central battlefront in the war on terror.  Even faced with the fact that those who were responsible for 9-11 had nothing to do with Iraq, are now resurgent (at levels as strong or stronger than in 2001), and now operate in 60 (6-0) countries.

But more than the substance, the American people saw a dismissive, one could say rude John McCain.  Petulantly refusing to look at Barack Obama – as if he felt put upon by a young turk.  His demeanor was off-putting, and certainly un-Presidential. 

I can't say that Barack Obama won it outright, but I can say that since McCain did not convincingly win – it's a win for Obama; and I seem to be in the majority:

Watching CNN it appears their polls show Obama winning the debate. (No link yet)

  • 48% of voters 50 and older thought Obama won compared to
    only 40% who thought McCain won.
  • Men
    have given McCain a margin of only 3%, and women favored Obama a margin of about

CBS has its own results relating to uncommitted voters:

  • 40% of uncommitted voters who watched the debate tonight thought
    Barack Obama was the winner. 22% thought John McCain won. 38% saw it as
    a draw.  
  • 68% of these voters think Obama would make the right decision about the economy.  41% think McCain would.
  • 49% of these voters think Obama would make the right decisions about Iraq.  55% think McCain would.

These numbers are crucial.  They are direct hits to the McCain base vote, and a definite sign of Obama's ascendency in the undecided voter category. In the end it looks to me like Obama out "classed" McCain.

Next up Biden vs. Palin.

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