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The Most Important Part of the VP Debate

October 4, 2008

Joe Biden won the debate.  He was deeper and more thoughtful during the foreign policy portions of the conversation, and continued to hit a populace tone that will resonate with every American in the middle class. We also learned (as MOST already thought) that Sarah Palin is painfully unable to articulate any substantive way that a McCain-Palin administration would be different than the Bush-Cheney administration of these last 8 years.  We were confirmed in our belief that she was going to fit the talking points she has learned to
the air time she had to fill, knowing she would receive no follow-up from the emaciated moderator (It appeared to me that she was nearly reading verbatim complete answers to expected questions); and that she exceeding a very low set of expectations.

All that said, we could have fast forwarded all of it to the most important portion of the debate. When the candidates were asked whether the vice presidency is properly designated as a part of the
executive or legislative branch, Sarah Palin dodged the question by saying
the framers of the Constitution "were very wise there in allowing through the Constitution
much flexibility there in the office of the vice president."

Ladies and Gentlemen, we need hear no more.  We have just gone through eight years of a Vice President who did not recognize their place on the dance card.  It was a debacle, a debacle which ended up with two (2) wars, a tragically mangled relationship between the executive branch and the legislative branch of our government, the INTENDED consequence of a CIA agents name being leaked, and not last or least billions of dollars of tax giveaways provided for big oil companies via a secretly written energy policy.

I don't know about you, but if Gov. Palin wants to follow in Cheney's ideas of the Vice Presidency we all know where our vote should go.


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