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Why the Republicans Need to Lose

October 6, 2008

On a day when the Dow dips below 10,000 John McCain's campaign has given decisive reasons why they should not be blessed with our votes on November 4th.

  1. Sarah Palin and ostensibly John McCain are attacking Barack Obama over his association with
    Reverend Wright — even though John McCain himself explicitly said this
    spring that Wright was off limits. During this springs primaries, John McCain said "It's not the message of the Republican Party…It's not the message of my campaign. I've pledged to conduct a respectful campaign." Obviously McCain and Palin have lossed what remaining grace and character they had.
  2. McCain and Palin used the entire weekend not building American's confidence in our system of capitalism, but an association with Bill Ayers!  A man whose wrong-doings were conducted when Sen. Obama was 8 years old.
  3. The Wall Street Journal today revealed Mr. McCain plans " major reductions to Medicare and Medicaid" to pay for his ill thought health care plan.

That is enough for me.  We are in serious economic difficulty around the WORLD, and John McCain decides to go for the cultural jugular.  To coin a phrase made popular by our last Democratic President – "IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID!"

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