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Et tu, McCain?

October 13, 2008

“I think he knows what Rome is. Rome is the mob. Conjure magic for them and they’ll be distracted. Take away their freedom and still they’ll roar. The beating heart of Rome is not the marble of the senate, it’s
the sand of the coliseum. He’ll bring them death – and they will love him for it.”

So spoke the character Gracchus in the movie Gladiator, as he explains to his fellow Senator of Rome’s ability to be seduced and drawn away from itself by the vitriol of the mob. 

It would appear that John McCain and Sarah Palin have been weened from Commodus’ political breast.  At McCain’s town hall meetings (if you can call them that) the seen has been more like a crowd watching batedly at a UFC match –
anticipating a brutal knock out or at least a blood-letting.  At one instance, an African-American conservative (yes they’ve come out from their rocks), James T. Harris, a Milwaukee talk-show host (an obvious plant), stood at the mic and said,

“Sir, I believe that in the next coming debate it is absolutely vital that you take it to Obama and that you hit him where it hits”.

The crowd exploded. Like the roaring coliseum (all one needed to hear were the morbid calls for “DEATH”).

He continued, stating: “ACORN is out there, we have Reverend Wright, all of these shady characters that surrounded him. I am begging you, sir.”

In another meeting an elderly lady announced her inability to trust Sen. Obama. Based on you ask? Because she’d heard he’s an Arab. Thankfully, all since of decorum had not left Sen. McCain, who softly rebuked the lady.  McCain is struggling ladies and gentlemen. His campaign instituted the nuclear strategy, and he is struggling to go along full boar.  To his credit. 

However, we need to be candid. His campaign has been reprehensible in it’s charactertization of Sen. Obama’s relationships with people like Ayers, and has been recklessly aggressive in stoking racial tensions in this country.  That
elderly lady didn’t care that he was pro-choice or not opposed to civil marriage.  She couldn’t vote for Obama because she thought he was of Arabic heritageThat is racism 101.  Fear and loathing based on nothing but a persons being.

We need as a country to take careful notice of this mob mentality.  In this country with it’s history of political violence and racial aggression.  We need, as people of conscious, to require a higher level of discourse from our candidates – regardless of party. For the sake of our future.

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