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Down The Home Stretch

October 28, 2008

If you hold strong stock in polls, it certainly looks as if John McCain and Sarah Palin are headed for a loss this election, and deservedly so.

Their campaign by any real analysis has been pedestrian.  They failed to convey any new ideas to push the nation into its future, and disgustingly continued a brand of politics which promotes the insecurities of our various and sundry people groups. Senator McCain failed miserably in something good politicians cannot afford to do if they aspire to the highest offices in the land.  He could not measure the pulse of our current trends in our politics. He could not see that the voters, facing the enormity of the nations problems, wanted a higher level of discourse from their leaders – a more substantive debate.

Barack Obama, however, saw our national climate and properly addressed it during the primary season. Who can forget the words of his "Yes We Can" speech during the New Hampshire Primary:

"You, all of you who are here tonight, all who put so much heart and soul and work into this campaign, you can be the new majority who can lead this nation out of a long political darkness.

Democrats, independents and Republicans who are tired of the division and distraction that has clouded Washington, who know that we can disagree without being disagreeable, who understand that, if we mobilize our voices to challenge ourselves to reach for something better, there is no problem we cannot solve, there is no destiny that we cannot fulfill."

John McCain, and certainly Sarah Palin didn't get the memo. We were looking for candidates who saw that all of our citizens are proud and all of our citizens love this country. They answered our desires with cynical ads about "spreading the wealth around" and questioning the patriotism of Barack Obama, even calling a sitting Senator a socialist.

The politics of fear in a classical sense.

But more damning to McCain is the fact that even though a great majority (80 percent) of Americans believe this country has gone in the wrong direction – John McCain's Republican party offers nothing new to the table and in his first action that could be considered Presidential, he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.  A neophyte when it pertains to foreign policy, and, I would say, national level issues. A politician unashamed of playing in on the racist under-current of some of our citizens. Even today Ms. Palin pulled the "socialism" card.

In this the final home stretch, let us hope that john McCain will try to salvage the hopefully only thing he can possibly win back – his honor.

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