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A Time to Hope

November 5, 2008

In choosing Barack Obama as our President-elect, the United States has spoken definitively that hope still springs eternal. On November 4, 2008, we saw the repudiation of a conservative philosophy of demonizing government involvement; that preyed upon the irrational fears sourced in racial bigotry; and which championed an amoral form of capitalism, unbound by regulation designed with the public’s interest at heart.

President-elect Obama’s sweeping victory cannot be dismissed as just a reaction to an economic meltdown or as the epilogue of a vastly unpopular President. It is a vision of a majority who is steadily shifting culturally into a more moderate nation. Obama, it should be noted, is not post-racial, he is multicultural in his demeanor – he is ecumenical in his behavior, and he is embracing in his person. These descriptions epitomize him as our leader, and describes the wide coalition that has been built and hopefully the country he shall lead.

This election is momentus for the generational change it seems to foreshadow, the possible geographical shift it reflects, and, thank God, the racial progress it promises.  But most of all, President-elect Obama’s victory, large enough to indicate a mandated level of support, presents an opportunity for the country to step out in a new and brighter direction. A direction imbued with, as Barack said last night, “a new spirit of patriotism, sacrifice, and responsibility.” I believe he is correct, except this is not going to be a “new spirit”.  It is a revived spirit! It is the same spirit which emboldened all walks of humanity in the 60’s civil rights movement to storm the halls of oppression.  It is a ressurgance of the spirit which caused those brave souls to sing the refrain “We Shall Overcome” in the face of violence. And now, in 2008, it is the spirit adopted by a majority of Americans, who have gladly responded to that refrain in the words “Yes. We. Can.”

Truly it is a time to hope.

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