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What Post-Racial America?

February 20, 2009



Those are the only words one should be able to use to describe this outrageously racists cartoon hoisted upon the American people by the New York Post. The rosey glow of the election is over. Let all the talking of post-racialism cease.

I know I am being very dramatic, but this is a moment when drama is required. We stand at the threshold of what could prove to be a moment of great change in the way our country approaches the subject of race. We can see, not far into the future, that dream that our great King spoke of. But vigilance is necessary. The agents of intolerance and fear remain outspoken. Therefore it is incumbent upon we of good conscious to say that we will not let this form of prejudice stand anymore. That we will not allow the puppeteers of this world to flood us with images that divide us.

We must look upon the callous depiction of, make no mistake, President Obama in this supposed satire as the height of our nations ongoing tragedy. That being it’s history of marginalization of African-American’s contribution, and worth.  It was the scholar Emerson who said:

The whole history of the negro is tragic. By what accursed violation did they first exist that they should suffer always…they never go without being insulted…

We are tired of insult America. If “Change” will come, it will come with us, never despite us. Let us therefore hold fast to that vision we held last November, when we elected our FIRST black President.

You know. The one where we were all Americans?

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