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A New Economic Way

February 27, 2009

Finally. After 30 years of economic policy suited for the rich…a new way. Trickle-Down economics, ladies and gentlemen is going the way of such things as the dinosaur and the moderate conservative. It’s about to disappear. Since the Reagan Republicans took the stage in the late 70’s and than over in the 80’s our nations economic futures have been hinged on benefitting the rich through control of the stream of money and tax cuts. Today, we have a President who has outlined a way ahead for everyone else.

The budget now being proposed by President Obama, more than anything, seeks to reverse the expanding levels of inequality we have seen since Reagan took office. The most blatant view of this is the fact that wealthy Americans will cease getting the tax cuts that have bouyed the inequities of these three decades. Instead the other 95% of us are about to see our taxes reduced and the code finally changed to our benefit.

More importantly, we seem to have an administration that is intent on fulfilling the promises that it made while it campagined. We might see a new age of prosperity in the middle and lower class of this country.

Congratulations Mr. President. Trickle-UP economics has finally come.

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