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February 27, 2009

It was Taxation Without Representation that was the impatus to this countries revolution. Those colonists understanding the fundamental truth that laws enforced on people without the benefit of representative input were unequitable and tantamount to serfdom.

The people of this nation’s capital, The District of Columbia, have lived this since the city’s inception until yesterday. The Senate in a 61 to 37 result, voted to give D.C. a representative in Congress. The measure of course was a compromise, unfortunately adding provisions that strip most of the District’s gun control laws.

I regret that we needed to give up the sovereignty of our gun controls, and that we needed to prop up our efforts by giving another state (Utah), who was not without a vote, another vote. But I will not look a gift horse in the mouth. That being said, as a D.C. Native. Congratulations D.C. finally an equal voice has been given to your sons and daughters.


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