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OC Mayor Shows His Color Barrier

February 27, 2009

Hat tip to the OC Register

The Mayor of Los Alamitos has followed the leadership of the NY POST, and it’s raciswatermelon-email1t inuendo. The picture depicted is an obviously subconcious hate, especially since in his apology, the Mayor Grose finds nothing wrong with the piece.

Ignorance is without bliss at the moment. The ascension to the Presidency of Barack Obama, has obviously unhinged certain segments of our society, who have heretofore been content with people of color – as long as they assumed no real power. The advent of President Obama has destroyed that idea. Some would say that we are in a moment that could introduce a post-racial American society. I don’t think so yet. The truth is advocates of racism and white supremacy have not given up their views, so post-racialism is not a possibility. This is because many of the proponents of this view of society have not overtly voiced their perspective until now.

Anytime a public official can send a depiction of the White House’s Easter Egg hunt to a African-American in the form of a watermelon patch, you know that person is oblivous to the racists inuendo that it displays. As if all black people are Watermelon eating, seed spitting idiots. This is further proof that such things as the New York Post’s cartoon assassination of a monkey and any other form conveying the idea of race inferiority should be fought.

We all need to take a key from the Anti-Defimation League. Any public form of denegration to minority peoples or people of different backgrounds should be aggressively opposed.

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