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Dumb, and Dumber

March 5, 2009

Once again, Bank of America proves that it is out of touch with the country. In it’s petition filed late Wednesday, Bank of America’s attorneys urged Justice Bernard Fried to reject New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s demand for data relating to bonuses it gave shortly after its merger with Merrill. It’s petition stems on their belief that release of the “sensative” information would cause them, as CNBC reports,

“”grave harm” if it is forced to reveal data about an estimated $3.6 billion of bonuses paid to Merrill Lynch officials.”

Further reporting by Bloomberg reveals a paranoid reaction by Bank of America over the Attorney General’s requests.

“The information Cuomo seeks would provide a “road map” revealing which business lines the banks believe to be most valuable and enable competitors to poach the bank’s top talent”

Once again, a bank pulls a C.Y.A.

Let’s be clear people. These banks have no interest in aiding in the recovery of the nations people, only in mainitaing it’s ill-gotten bottom line. The country is going to financial hell, without even a pot to relieve itself in, and we’re still rangling over whether or not a bailed out bank should be compelled to release data?!

Well, in the words of Jack Nicholson’s Joker,

“This town needs an enima”!

And, might I suggest we start with Bank of America!

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