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B.E.T. (Buffoon Entertainment Television)

June 29, 2009

In the interest of full disclosure, let me say, I am not a member of the B.E.T. fan club. In fact, I would say that B.E.T. hasn’t been on my favorites list since Donnie Simpson left Video Soul (I’m dating myself now). But, Sunday was a new low for an already diminished example of Black America. In search of anything in homage of our dearly departed King of Pop, Michael Jackson – I decided to watch the B.E.T. Awards because of their promoted “Tribute to Michael Jackson” theme. In fact, I believe, if Michael had been there in person – he would have been mortified.

We should begin to call B.E.T. Buffoon Entertainment Television. Because that is what was depicted last night.


Jamie Foxx, though I know was a friend to Michael, seemed over the top, solicitus, and at times raunchy; the acts lacked a sense of any sophistication or moment (being in honor of Michael); and was produced badly. In fact, the only things that seemed approriate was New Edition’s throwback to the Jackson 5, Ne-yo’s Lady In My Life, and frankly that was it!

What B.E.T. should have done was waited and had a true and real tribute to Michael. Not the half-baked cow patty that we were force fed.  It saddens me that B.E.T. would think true fans of Michael’s music and message would be ok with a tribute that featured songs like “Blame it on the A-a-a-alcohol,” and a steady diet of Frankie and Neffie show commercials for it’s program promotions.

Once again B.E.T. proves that its moniker is a misnomer.

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